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Customer service is an important part of our business. Here is what clients have to say:

Retired Alameda County Superior Court Judge

Jim Phillips is extraordinarily competent in estate planning including distribution proposals and tax consequences. His discussions are in layman's terms and not in esoteric legalese. His office staff is gracious, knowledgeable and responsive. I have reviewed the work of numerous practitioners and selected Jim as my attorney.

Local Real Estate Broker

Jim, Thank you for your efforts in settling our father's estate. You did so in such a personnel and professional manner. You made it as easy as this very complicated and emotional matter could be. Your genuine concern, vast knowledge, and results oriented helped expedite this matter in such a timely fashion.

Daughter of Estate Planning Clients

I inherited James Phillips from my parents who sought his expertise for their estate and trust planning. They were drawn to his reputation of integrity, compassion, and knowledge of the law. He surpassed their expectations.

James Phillips has advised me on legal matters for a number of years. He is the perfect combination of a good listener, effective communicator, strategist, and clear thinker. He is a stickler for having things in order and thoroughly thinks matters through.

I have also had the opportunity to work with his staff and find them to be competent and friendly.

Estate planning clients with a "blended family" and a family business

Jim was very professional and knowledgeable concerning the sometimes emotional issues involved. He handled everything correctly with tact and understanding.

William, May 29, 2017

Jim has been a trusted advisor and counselor for my mother, my siblings, and me for at least 30 years. He wrote my wife and my first will many years ago. He established a living trust for my wife and me when I became a business owner. His advice has always been spot-on. More recently, he helped establish a living trust for my mother after she sold her house and had to move to an independent living facility. Jim had great recommendations regarding different facilities for Mom. Jim was always available to answer questions quickly and with compassion when Mom had to be moved to an assisted living facility. After Mom passed away, he helped me to deal with my job as trustee and executor of the estate, giving me excellent, thoughtful advice all the way through that very trying time for my siblings and me. I have recommended Jim to numerous friends and relatives. In my mind, he is the epitome of a good attorney and advisor.

Janis, May 29, 2017

I have been working with Jim Phillips since 2010 and prior to that my parents use his services. Jim is knowledgeable, thorough and thoughtful about the advice and information he gives his clients. In addition, he is one of the most personable, caring attorneys that I have had the pleasure to work with.

An appointment with an attorney typically involves much stress and anxiety, so it is so refreshing to have Jim as someone who I can confide in and know that he will listen to me. I am always confident that Jim will give me the best advice, even though it may not be what I want to hear; however, a needed perspective that I could not have come to on my own.

Joel Malakoff, October 7, 2016

Jim is a rare find in that he cares deeply for people while keeping a high bar where confidentiality and integrity are concerned. I have referred a number of clients to him, many of whom have come back to thank me. Especially in more delicate cases, I have found him insightful with creative solutions for real life challenges.